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Hi i'm krystah

It's nice to meet you. I'm a birth and postpartum guru serving families in San Diego and the surrounding areas.
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What my amazing clients have to say

  • I knew I wanted a doula for my second child to again have a positive, unmedicated labor and delivery. At my first meeting with Krystah, I immediately felt like she understood me and what I wanted and needed. She had such a positive energy, while also remaining calm and in control, which was exactly what I wanted! My second labor was fast and furious, so I was relieved that she was there ensuring I got to the birth center on time, helping me get into different positions to help progress the labor as quickly as possible, and helping with pain management. Krystah ensured that my partner was involved in the process, and most of my memories of my labor are of me laboring with my husband while Krystah calmly directed things. I had such a positive experience and will definitely hire her again for my never child!

    Heather P.
  • My husband and I loved Krystah. She was an incredible doula and I’m absolutely going to use her again for future pregnancies and recommend her to friends! Krystah was very kind, but also very strong and supportive. I could rely on her to be gentle but a strong foundation as well! From giving me a spinning ring to play with to get my mind off early labor, to letting me dig my nails into her hips when I was getting my epidural! This was my first pregnancy and I felt very confident in Krystah’s organization. I had a great source of information. Even though my hospital staff wasn’t keen on me using a squatting bar for my initial pushing, Krystah knew it was important to me and made sure it happened! I had a 21 hour labor and Krystah stayed with me the entire time.

    Kathryn S.

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